Tejon Heights Features

All the Onsite Amenities You Need

Fully furnished community deck with great views of downtown, a fitness center and covered parking.


Fitness and Wellness

In addition to the onsite fitness center, there is a fully staffed yoga studio right downstairs from your unit that offers discounted rates for residents.


Plenty of Space

Our one- and two-story residence options feature tall ceilings: 8.5’ ceilings in single-story units and 18’ in the two-story units. All 14 floor plans have outdoor, walkout spaces- some private balconies are up to 10 feet X 20 feet!


Complimentary Wi-Fi and Cable TV

Enjoy a 50-channel TV service (family package from DirecTV) which you may upgrade through our provider. The Wi-Fi is a shared 4MBPS service, streamed through the building’s common areas. *Wi-Fi service is designed to support internet and email functionality- signal strength within units will vary


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